I'm Ian, a UX/UI Designer.

With a background in Gender Studies and Industrial Design, I pursue collaborations that champion equity and delight.

Let's make something for everyone.


My strong human-centred design practice is a product of my experiences in equity and industrial design.

I believe design and equity are essential for good living and I pursue teams who share that sentiment.

To see my work in detail, please view my portfolio on a larger screen.

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My design education started with my Gender Studies degree.

Even though I grew up making art and building things, I didn't have a designer's perspective.

Gender Studies taught me about privilege, oppression, and empathy. I wanted to continue engaging with these ideas and planned on becoming a counsellor, but it wasn't the right fit. Creativity and art have always been my strengths, and I needed to pair them with my values. So I went back to school and studied human-centred Industrial Design.


I loved my work as an Industrial Designer, and I made some beautiful things, but I knew I wasn't really accomplishing my goals. I needed to use my talents, privilege, and empathy to make things that really helped people.

I believe good design is essential for good living, and I love working with people who share that sentiment. Let's work together.